10 tips: That's good for the liver!

The liver is an important organ that plays a central role in our metabolism. It is involved in, among other things, the processing and storage of nutrients as well as the breakdown and excretion of toxins. If the liver does not work properly, it has serious consequences for our entire body. Damage to the liver and potential damage can not always be prevented. Nevertheless, you can do a lot to keep the liver healthy and healthy. We tell you what is good for your liver and what is more harmful to you.

Function of the liver

The liver is of great importance to our body because it performs vital tasks:

  • Processing and storage of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, minerals, trace elements and vitamins
  • Decomposition of the absorbed proteins into amino acids
  • Degradation and excretion of pollutants
  • Control of energy and hormone balance
  • Production of bile juice

Because of its tasks, the liver is a vital organ for us humans. Fortunately, she is extremely capable of suffering and regenerates herself with minor damage. But for this to work, it is important to do something good for the liver now and then or to spare it a little bit. Because while minor damage can still be resolved, severe liver damage is irreversible.

That's good for the liver

Certain rules of behavior do not only good for the liver, but also for the rest of the body. Drinking a lot helps, for example, the detoxification process of the liver, while the moderate consumption of dark chocolate can relieve the symptoms of liver cirrhosis. Here are five tips for a healthy liver.

1. Drink a lot detoxifies

Drink enough, because it helps to detoxify the liver. Because if there is enough fluid in the body, the toxins can be transported to the liver faster and the body can be better cleaned. That's why you should drink at least two liters of fluid every day - preferably water or herbal teas.

2. Milk thistle cure as protection for the liver

The milk thistle is a herbal remedy that not only protects the liver, but also promotes regeneration in case of existing damage. In pharmacies or health food stores you get the remedy mostly in capsule form. Often, the capsules are offered with artichoke extracts, which also have a positive effect on the liver.

As an alternative to a capsule cure, you can also regularly make a milk thistle tea. For this, brew the cabbage with boiling water and then let the mixture draw for seven minutes.

3. Bitter substances relieve the liver

Herbal foods containing many bitter substances have a positive effect on the liver. In addition to artichokes, these include, for example, chicory, endive salad, dandelion, radicchio, Brussels sprouts and sage. From time to time use the plants as a side dish or spice up your salad. Alternatively, you can also make an sage or dandelion tea.

Bitter substances ensure that bile production is boosted. As a result, fat contained in the food is better tolerated. In addition, they relieve the liver by lowering high blood lipid levels.

4. Dark chocolate for a healthy liver

Studies indicate that because of its high cocoa content, dark chocolate not only lowers blood pressure but can also have a positive effect on the liver. Thus, a moderate consumption of dark chocolate should also be able to help with the typical symptoms that can cause liver cirrhosis. These include, above all, increased pressure in the vessels of the abdomen and the liver after eating.

One study found that patients who consumed dark chocolate in addition to eating were less prone to pressure.

5. Liver wrap after rich and abundant food

If you have eaten too fat and too much, you should prefer to stimulate the digestion with a liver wrap instead of a schnapps. Dip a small towel in hot salted water, wring it out carefully and place it on the liver. Then put a hot water bottle on the towel and let the wrap work for 30 minutes.

Due to the heat, the liver is better supplied with blood and the detoxification process accelerates. Repeat the procedure regularly unless you suffer from stomach or intestinal ulcers or stomach bleeding. Then you should better do without a liver wrap.

That does not do the liver good

In addition to beneficial things, there are also some things that can harm the liver. The fact that alcohol and sugar do not do the liver well, is widely known, but too fast food or additives contained in the food can have a negative effect on the liver. Here are five things that hurt the liver.

1. Alcohol damages the liver cells

Those who consume large amounts of alcohol over a longer period of time risk permanent damage to the liver cells. Minor damage, such as those caused by an alcoholic intoxication, can repair the liver on its own. However, repeated damage causes diseases such as cirrhosis of the liver to develop.

Therefore, avoid alcohol as much as possible. Drinking a glass of beer or wine from time to time is fine, but do not overdo it. Men should consume no more than 20 grams of alcohol per day, and women should not consume more than 10 grams per day. 20 grams is equivalent to about a glass of wine (0.25 liters) or a large glass of beer (0.5 liters). It is also important that you do not drink every day, but give your liver a break in between.

2. Sugar favors a fatty liver

In addition to alcohol, larger amounts of sugar can have a negative effect on the liver. This is due to the fact that certain sugar molecules in the body are converted into fat very quickly and thus can promote the development of fatty liver.

That's why you do not have to do without foods that contain sugar. However, consume heavily sweetened products only in moderation. This also applies to fructose, which can also have a negative effect on the liver in large quantities.

3. Eating quickly reduces blood flow

Make sure you have time to eat. Because if you eat fast or just on the side, the digestive tract is not properly supplied with blood due to the stress. This also affects the liver. If the organ is not perfused properly, it can not function properly and problems are inevitable.

4. Additives hinder the detoxification of the liver

When eating, you should avoid foods with additives as much as possible. Because no matter if dyes, flavor enhancers or preservatives - additives ensure that the detoxification process in the liver is prolonged. In addition to additives, certain dietary supplements should be taken with caution. Some of the products are suspected of causing liver damage.

5. Medications burden the liver

Medicines that are broken down in the liver burden the organ. If the liver is healthy, the moderate intake of active ingredients such as paracetamol is not a problem. However, always pay attention to the dosage given in the leaflet and the permitted duration of use. Even supposedly harmless drugs can cause liver damage if they are taken too long or too high a dose.

If liver damage already exists, you should consult your doctor before taking any medicines that are grown in the liver. Maybe this can also recommend an alternative active ingredient. For example, instead of acetaminophen you can use products containing acetylsalicylic acid for headaches.

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