Relax with hot stones

A massage with polished, heated stones and chilled marble balls - a successful new application promises to be the new wellness highlight. Because the heat of the stones can penetrate deeply into the musculature and release stubborn tension. Hot-cold stimuli stimulate the body and mind and counteract stress. What has long been part of the standard wellness program among Hollywood stars is getting more and more fans in this country.

Hot stone massage

We are talking about a massage with hot (and cold) stones. This type of treatment is not so unusual, one thinks of the pleasant warmth that spreads throughout the body, when one sits down on warmed stones in the first rays of the sun or walks barefoot over warm stones. All this is not really new, only rediscovered and adapted to today's needs.

The Chinese used the heat-storing power of stones in medicine as early as 2, 000 years ago. But even the medicine men of the Indians knew what power is in stones and how to use them. It was Mary Nelson-Hannigan from Arizona, USA, who developed the so-called "LaStone Therapy" over ten years ago.

40 stones for the energy centers

One uses flat and smooth stones in very different sizes, preferred are the black basalt stones. Basalt comes from volcanoes and consists mainly of iron and magnesium silicates with olivine and pyroxene shares - so many minerals so. The stones are heated to about 60 degrees in a water bath. With almond or olive oil or a flavor oil, the skin is made supple.

For example, tense muscles are gently massaged gently and purposefully. Then the therapist places the stones on the energy centers of the body - the chakras, especially on the stomach, forehead or back. The heat stimulates and for an intense deep relaxation. Up to 40 stones are gradually distributed on the stomach, forehead and hands, later also on the back and in the knees. Smaller stones are even between toes and fingers, sometimes you only hold a matching stone in your hand.

Interesting effect: Once the warm stones lie on the bare skin, they stay warm for a very long time. The heat of the stones can penetrate deeply into the musculature, blockades and persistent tensions dissolve more easily.

Cold and hot stones

In addition to hot you also use cold stones. Here, marble and jade stones are used, which create alternating with the warm stones a very stimulating Kneipp effect and also activate the self-healing powers of the organism. Full body treatments take about 75 minutes and cost about 80 euros.

Treatment with heat and cold

Heating and cooling applications are good home remedies. Thus, many symptoms can be treated with heat: tension in the area of ​​the head, neck and shoulders, chronic musculoskeletal disorders such as muscle or joint rheumatism, lumbago and sciatica need heat. But also bladder and kidney problems, stomach upset, headache, cold feet or colds in the initial stages.

Use in acute and chronic pain

Acute pain usually improves with cold, chronic pain with heat. But every affected person has to find out for himself what is good for him. Examples of cold therapy are: bruises and sprains, inflammation and rheumatism.

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